The unique background story of how Talent Jam emerged

We are Talent Jam

Our story began one year ago in a lovely bar in Barcelona, during our yearly gathering. It was on that night when our amazingly talented friends told us they were frustrated by the lack of bookings they are getting for their unique music performances. They felt that it takes an enormous amount of their time as well as energy in order to block even one date from their calendar and set up all the details around their upcoming performance.

We got used to listen to things such as “I just want to play my music. I don’t want to be an accountant, a PR, and a manager. Why everything should be so complicated?”

That’s when the idea of Talent Jam sparkled. And now here we are.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way people experience the creative and artistic industry. To make the industry accessible for everyone, everywhere…

Talent Jam is an innovative and transparent platform, connecting Talents and Clients or simply people interested in executing creative, professional and artistic projects...

Explore our listings and find the right matches for you. Whether you are a Client, Project manager, Event Planner or an individual, interested in new exiting creative projects and events, or a Talent, ready to give an outstanding job/ performance, we will walk you through each step from creating a profile to completing a booking.

Talent Jam provides users with the platform and the tools to organise projects and events without the hustle of giving away too much time or money. The platform has a transparent policy where each one of the interested parts knows in advance all the details around the arrangement they are making.

Our unique interactive calendar helps to our clients and service providers to plan their schedule in advance.

You are a Talent? A guitar player may be? Organise your calendar so everyone on the platform can see that you are available for putting on an amazing job/show!

You are planning on organising a Real Estate Shooting and an open doors party? Check out the calendar and find available photographers and entertainers who can do the job on a specific date.

Local is cool, but let’s think Global for a sec…

Going on a trip to Italy? Maybe even for month? Short budget is always a party killer. But hey, no problem, we got you covered! Make some money on the way with the option Globetrotter! Travel around Europe and get a job or give performances no matter where your fans are!

Your client wants something new? Something unique? Something unseen? No problem, just open Talent Jam and choose one of the Globetrotters. An amazing Stylist, Make-up Artist, Flamenco singer, a hip hop dancer, a caricaturist, video maker - you name it!

Sign up now and discover a world of possibilities. The world of Creatives. The world of Talent Jam.

Talent Jam Team

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