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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register on Talent Jam and get access to booking and posting offers?

You go to the sign up button, click on it and fill up the required fields. Immediately, after you had verified your user you will be able to browse services or list offers.

Is there eligibility criteria that apply to users of Talent Jam?

All users must be min aged 16 and those who trade their Shows/Services must be min 18 years of age.

How can Talent Jam help me to find the specific good I am looking for?

By selecting the search criteria you enable Talent Jam to find the right match for you. You can also use the search tool and look fo Talents, Planners or other key words.

Does Talent Jam verifies offers before they are posted?

Talent Jam cannot verify the offers but verifies the users. Howe

What will happen if I delete my account but I still have to receive payment from Talent Jam?

You will receive all the funds on the bank account detail you had provided when your account was active. We will keep your transaction history. If your return to Talent Jam with the same email, you will be able to see your past transactions.

What happens if I block a user on Talent Jam?

This user will be restricted the access to your profile and offers. He/she will not be able to see any information about you. Further, the blocked user will not be able to get in touch with you or book your service.

Who can see my profile on Talent Jam?

All active users will be able to see your profile. However information like your email, or phone number are kept private. Only if a Planner book your service/s your contact information will be displayed so you can get in touch for the details of the deal. However, we strongly recommend to use the platform chat for important communication. This will keep both parties secure on what have been agreed.

How can I turn off my location service on my device if I want to stop my location data being tracked or published?

If you decide to turn location services off, the platform will centre on a random location on the map, and you will come into issues by filtering or sorting by distance. You can change your location preferences by going into your Device Settings > Privacy > Location Services >Talent Jam

What’s the difference between signing up as a Talent and signing up as Event Planner?

Signing up as Talent allows you to list the various skills or specific performances that you have to offer. This profile is exclusively for artists. Signing up as Event Planner lets you browse through different Talents and their listings, then book a performance.

What is a Talent?

A Talent is an individual who’s able to give a performance, whatever the nature of that performance might be (singing, dancing, juggling, etc).

What is an Event Planner?

The term Event Planner does not necessarily imply that the individual is an official Event Planner. Anyone and everyone who wants to book a Talent using our platform will be referred to as Event Planner.

How does payment work?

As soon as the Event Planner books a Talent, they are charged for the performance. However, the Talent only receives the payment once the performance has been given. Talent Jam will then transfer the money to the Talent within 48 hours after the performance.

Are there any fees for using Talent Jam?

Every member of Talent Jam can choose between our different subscription plans. Fees will therefore vary depending on which plan an individual is signed up to. For more information subscription plans and fees, please follow this link <а href="https://talentjam.com/pricing">LINK TO PRICING

Why should I choose Talent Jam?

Talent Jam allows users to easily arrange events and performances quickly and securely. We take care of all the paperwork, allowing our Talents and Event Planners to find each other easily and focus on what they do best.

For Talents

What is a listing?

A listing is a short description of your service or performance. Think of it as a short introduction to your act of service. Your listing can include pictures, videos and even audio recordings - everything you think would be helpful for your audience in deciding why they should book you. On your listing you can share all the details you find important - when and where a performance will be held, how long it will last, how much it will cost and if any additional fees are applicable.

How do I create a listing?

Once you’ve signed up as a Talent and created a profile you can start working on your listing. Just go to ‘Create New Listing’ and fill out all the information fields. Don’t forget to add videos - the best way to show people just how amazing you are! Make sure you submit high quality media. This will help your portfolio shine.

How do I delete a listing?

Simply go to your ‘Dashboard’, select ‘Listings’, and then click the ‘Delete’ button.

How long before I receive my payment?

Once you have given the performance and we have received a confirmation of that, we are ready to send the money to your bank account. It usually takes up to 48 hours for you to receive the payment.

Where can I find my order reference number?

Log in and go to your ‘Dashboard’, and from here select ‘All’. Choose the listing you need and open it - the reference number will be the first number you see below the name of the listing.

When can I leave a review?

As soon as you’ve given your performance you can leave a review about the person or company who hired you. Make sure your comment does not include any strong language, but feel free to share your full experience - your comment will help many people out there to make an informed decision.

Where can I see my reviews?

Once the performance has been given, the person who hired you will be able to leave a review. You can see this review in your ‘Dashboard’. Please note that the review will be visible for everyone on the page.

How do I let people know my availability?

You can set your available dates by going to the interactive calendar. Here, simply click on a given date, select a time, and then people will know when you’re available to perform.

How do I set up my cancellation policy?

You can choose from three different cancellation policies: - Flexible: 100 % cancellation fee applies 48 hrs before the day of the performance due. - Moderate: 100 % cancellation fee applies 14 days before the day of the performance due. - Strict: 50 % fee applies when individuals book, 100 % fee applies 7 days before the day of the performance due.

How do I set the price of my listing?

You can choose your price per hour and estimate the approximate length of your performance. For example, if the performance will last around 2 hours, you should set the price for the full two hours.

What is an extra fees?

Extra fees are those such: Traveling fees, Commercial Licence Fee and everything witch is additional to the base price on your advertised offer. Let’s say for you charge additional 30 € for commercial licence, so the Planner can use your image with commercial ends.

What is a special offer?

Special offers are made trough the chat. The Planner and the Talent are discussing and if they reach an agreement, the Talent can compose its offer. The Planner can accept it and so the calendar will be closed. This feature is available only on some of our subscription plans. Please check our subscription plans here. When this feature is enabled we recommend both Talents and Planers to always secure their deals trough the platform for safety reasons

What is a group listing?

A group listing represents Talents service and all the members that provide it. It means that Planners can see all the members that will complete a given order on an Offer.
Group listings empower a feature that allows to all the members sync their calendars, receive simultaneously the bookings and request, can have a separate chat group for the offer they are booked. Group Listing is a great advertising for your band/team.

How can I create a group listing?

You can tap on add new listing/ offer. On the first step you select Group/Team. Next step is to invite your members to the listing. If they are already users, by submitting their email, we will notify them. Invited members can accept or decline the offer. In the event that the new member is not yet an user of Talent Jam, we will guide him to creating a profile and joining your creative listing.

I can not add information on the group listing page, why ?

Remember that there might be only one admin of group listing. He can invite or delete members from the group. Member who do not have the admin rights can only add/remove media, access the chat, general information and enquiries.

How can I see my transaction history?

It is very simple. Make sure you are using your Talent profile. Then simply go to your dashboard and select Payments. Then you can filter the period and see all the paid and upcoming payments.

What types of videos and audio files can I upload?

Talents are only allowed to upload self-made or owned images, videos and audio files. It is strictly prohibited to share those of other artists. YouTube videos will be permitted, provided that they were created by the Talent themselves. Using other people’s intellectual property without their consent is considered a violation of Talent Jam’s policy. Users who are considered to have violated the rules will be permanently blocked from the platform.

For Event Planners

How do I book a Talent?

Securing a great artist for your upcoming event has never been easier! Just select your preferences in the ‘Search’ menu on the homepage, choose a Talent and request a booking. Please note that there are different booking policies which may apply depending on the Talent. The booking policy applicable to the Talent of your choice can be found on their profile.

What kind of Events can I organise with Talent Jam?

There are no limits to the type of event you can organise. Explore our categories in order to find the best fit for your event.

How do I pay when I want to hire a Talent?

Once you’ve booked a Talent we keep the money in our account until the performance has been delivered. We send the money to the Talent up to 48 hours after the performance. In case the performance is cancelled, you can then easily request your money back.

Can I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking, simply go to the ‘Dashboard’, then select ‘My Bookings’ where you can cancel a specific performance. Alternatively, or if you require any further support, you can contact us directly.

How long does it take to get a refund?

Once you’ve cancelled your order you are eligible for a refund. Cancel your booking from your ‘Dashboard’ and you’ll automatically receive your money back within 3 working days.

How can I leave a review?

Once the performance has been given, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a link. Please follow the link to leave a review. In case the performance didn’t happen for whatever reason, you won’t be able to leave a review unless you contact us directly.

How many times can I book the same Talent?

There is no limit to the number of times you can book a Talent. The more bookings a Talent receives from the same Event Planner, the better their rating will be. We maintain a strict ratings and review policy, which means that users can receive an honest review of the Talent’s listings and performances.

How can I see my transaction history?

It is very simple. Make sure you are using your Talent profile. Then simply go to your dashboard and select Payments. Then you can filter the period and see all the paid and upcoming payments.

If you didn't find your answer here, please contact us.

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